Thank you for your interest in joining the  KITAKITZ 1,000 Push Up Challenge.
 ONE WINNER A MONTH EACH MONTH is be chosen based on the who has made the most improvements to their body. Weight Lost Total Push-ups Honesty.
#1. Visit the Home page and Follow TWITTER and Like the Kitakitz FACEBOOK page and share with at least 5 friends.
Find it here.
HOW DO I DO 1,000 push ups a day?
It is really very simple. The average person is awake at least 12 hours a day. All you have to do is 25 push-ups every 15 minutes.
This will take you only 45-60 seconds. I AM SURE YOU HAVE 45-60 seconds to do this. If you can not do push-ups on the floor, simply do them
leaning against the wall. As you get stronger try to do more and more on the floor. 
Here is the math: 25 push-ups 4 times an hour will only take you 4 minutes or LESS. Every hour repeat. By the end of 10 hours you will have 
achieved your goal of 1,000 push-up a day!  100 push-ups per hour X 10 hours = 1,000
#2. Take a photo of your self RIGHT NOW in your bathing suit. I want to see what you look like today. 
After 30 days you are definitely going to LOOK DIFFERENT. Take another photo of yourself at the end of 30 days. UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO ON THE FORM YOU SEE ON THIS PAGE.
#3. We want you to IMPROVE YOURSELF, so make additional changes to your lifestyle. EAT LESS CRAP, BE MORE ACTIVE, Turn off your cell phone, stop playing video games and watching tv. 
Go for a walk or run and start making better choices regarding your health,
#4. The person that wins will have to PROVE THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY CLAIM, by submitting a video or show me in-person. BE HONEST
#5. The winner will receive php1,000 remittance, check or cash whatever you request. 

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